Try Our Homemade Unsweetened Mango or Raspberry Iced Tea $4.00 Glass or $8.00 Pitcher



*Meatballs topped with a scoop of ricotta & shaved parmesan cheese in marinara sauce  $8.50

*Fried Cheese Stuffed Raviolis with a side of marinara  $8.50


*Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli topped w/ shitake & cremini mushrooms and green peas in a light marsala sauce $22.50

*Lobster Ravioli with shrimp in a light pink cream sauce $26.00

*Fusilli Pasta with broccoli rabe and crumbles of sausage in a light garlic & oil sauce $18.50

*Brown Rice Pasta with veggie sausage, broccoli rabe & sundried tomato in a garlic & oil brodo $20.50

*Linguine with Cajun grilled chicken in a pesto cream sauce $17.50

*Veal Piccata – Two 4oz veal cutlets in a lemon, white wine & caper sauce served with mashed potato and mixed vegetables $24.00


Panini Specials

**Veggie Sausage Panini (Beyond Meat) topped with fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe and roasted red pepper spread, served with sweet potato fries $14.50

**Wild Boar Sausage (pork, beef, bacon) Panini w/ smoked mozzarella, sautéed onion & spicy artichoke sauce, served with fries $13.00

**Lamb Harissa Burger Panini w/ feta, iceberg, red onion, tomato & tzatziki sauce, served with fries $15.50