Owners, Louis Neglia and Anthony StGeorge, first cousins, partnered up and opened La Bottega of Merrick in 2010, located at 2010 Merrick Road. A cozy, fun gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy the gourmet tastes of Italy.  

Louis and Anthony came from different professional fields, Louis Neglia went into the mortgage business and owed his own branch for seven years.  As the industry fell, Neglia struggled in the ailing mortgage industry.  With the economy changing and not knowing what he wanted to do, Louis and Anthony came together and took an opportunity to join the La Bottega family. 

For years, Anthony, was aspired to become a professional baseball player, playing baseball in college, he earned a full scholarship at New York Tech.  His hope was to be a professional baseball player, like many other college kids.  After he studied business management at New York Tech, he joined Louis in the mortgage field for some time, until the economy changed and the industry collapsed.  Always enjoying people, Anthony went on and joined a Payroll Company and was a successful sales representative. 

Being first cousins, Louis and Anthony came from a huge Italian family, the core of their family are their grandparents, Joseph and Irene Neglia.  Their Grandparents have always inspired them to strive to the qualities of life with passion.  With amazing roots, Louis and Anthony created what was instilled throughout their youth years and created their own field of dreams at La Bottega of Merrick.  The Love of their family always stemmed from the Kitchen and their greatest memories in life are from the dinner table surrounded by great food and their entire family.

Louis and Anthony decided to pursue a business venture together, creating a wonderful establishment in Merrick.  Both Louis and Anthony were very impressed with the original La Bottega in Garden city, they researched the franchise opportunity and ultimately decided to move ahead with it. 

They have created La Bottega of Merrick with the small, quaint ambiance and have generated amazing Italian Gourmet food.  They have transported their own creative Italian dishes and have given every dish a unique touch.  La Bottega of Merrick is opened seven days a week and every day, everything is ALWAYS fresh.

The Grandparents

Lou Neglia & Anthony St George

Lou & Anthony As Kids